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[DotGNU]IPHostentry ECMA vs .NET issue

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]IPHostentry ECMA vs .NET issue
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 01:39:12 +0530
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Hi All,
    I had been digging my head deep into the Dns class details
when a few points hit me hard ...

1) IPHostEntry constructor is declared as protected in ECMA spec
   as well as pnetlib code .. But one of my friends confirmed that
   IPHostEntry had a no args constructor on his .NET SDK .. 
   So to proceed without breaking ECMA spec we have to inherit 
IPHostEntry as System.Private.IPv4HostEntry and S.P.IPv6HostEntry...
Is that advisable ?

2) Dns internalcall , where should I put it ? ... System.Net has
   not used a Platform dir for internal calls , should I ?...
   And where do I put the prototypes of ILGetHostByName() ? ...
   il_sysio.h ? or a new il_network.h ?

3) Profile based filtering for the networking stuff ... (I will
   deal with that later on only... but I need to know)

4) MS Spec shows the IPHostEntry stuff listed as Fields , while
   it is shown as Properties by the ECMA spec ... ? (follow ECMA,
   I suppose)
The gethostbyname internalcall has been fixed up and is working ,
but I cannot create IPHostEntry's ... (or is there some weird hack
to do that .. ?)

private extern static bool InternalGetHostByName(String host,
            out String h_name,
            out String[] h_aliases, 
            out long[] h_addr_list);

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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