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[DotGNU]Forum Update 15-09-2002

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]Forum Update 15-09-2002
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 18:48:19 +0200


here's an update on Forum.

--- UPDATE ---

Project status: Approved, Planning stage

I'm still in the process of redefining the design of Forum. The following has
become clear: 

* Forum will have 3 GUI's: GTK#, GTK and an Emacs-mode. This will allow more
people to use Forum than if it only has a webservice GUI. Note that the users of
the Emacs-mode will not be able to enjoy most of the functionality produced by
the apps, this won't be too much of a problem I guess since the most important
apps (like the documentation browser) will work with Emacs.

* Forum will use databases instead of XML trees for storing it's data. This
takes the concurrency control out of Forum and will also improve performance
when dealing with large amounts of data. Since dotgnu.sql seems to have gone
inactive I will use the Mono GDA interface for that.

Also I'm working on my great master plan 'Free Sofware Academy' that will
demonstrate the true power of Forum :-).

--- END UPDATE ---

May your code be clear and your software be free.


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