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[DotGNU]Setting up a dotGNU test machine from scratch

From: Keith Christian
Subject: [DotGNU]Setting up a dotGNU test machine from scratch
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 14:56:40 -0700 (PDT)

Could someone point me to a web page or resource for setting up a dotGNU
system from SCRATCH?

I am not clueless about Linux or programming but AM clueless about how to set
up dotGNU.

Available to me are two PC's networked with a simple hub (300Mhz, 64MB Ram on
one,  400Mhz, 96MB Ram on the other) that have Mandrake 8.1 on them, and would
like to know:

1. *Exactly* what stuff to download from the southern-storm site

2. A suggested directory structure for building the system (tar zxf,
configure, make, etc., etc.)

3. After the dotGNU software is installed, how to test that I have everything
installed correctly.

I've read a bit about .NET, but given the expense of the Microsoft system, I'd
rather start with dotGNU instead.

After reading several of the developers' archives, I had not found a "dotGNU
101" installation tutorial starting from absolute scratch.  (March 2002 seemed
to have the only scraps of info for an "almost clueless" beginner such as

After dotGNU is built on my two Linux systems, are there some simple exercises
to see that it is working correctly and to test the interfaces between the
computers?  I can SSH, FTP, Telnet now so I know the hub is working, etc.



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