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Re: [DotGNU]Patch -- Extend ilverify to print full method signature

From: Gopal V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Patch -- Extend ilverify to print full method signature
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:02:27 +0530
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If memory serves me right, Rhys Weatherley wrote:
> > And I hope it's the right one as ... Heaven forbid, I wouldn't want
> > a managed pointer (ILEngineType_M) as a 'this' object... So it's
> > ILEngineType_MV ... which should have been a typo ;-)
> Managed pointers are perfectly valid as "this" objects
> when calling methods on value types.  Changing this would
> be _very_ unwise.  There is probably something else going
> on here - perhaps a compiler bug.

Shows my inexperience :P ... but still the item->typeInfo is an ILEnginetype_MV
which IMHO is a valid 'this' type ?.. Because the 'isValueThis' is correct.
Which made me assume that ILEnginetype_MV is one of the cases needed ... 
Because for identical code for System.Int32 and System.Decimal, the second
fails to verify for this sole reason.

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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