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Re: [DotGNU]Setting up a dotGNU test machine from scratch

From: Jakob Praher
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Setting up a dotGNU test machine from scratch
Date: 29 Sep 2002 17:00:48 +0200

Am Don, 2002-09-26 um 23.56 schrieb Keith Christian: 
> Could someone point me to a web page or resource for setting up a dotGNU
> system from SCRATCH?
> I am not clueless about Linux or programming but AM clueless about how to set
> up dotGNU.
> Available to me are two PC's networked with a simple hub (300Mhz, 64MB Ram on
> one,  400Mhz, 96MB Ram on the other) that have Mandrake 8.1 on them, and would
> like to know:
> 1. *Exactly* what stuff to download from the southern-storm site
as you are using Mandrake you could get an rpm - I think Gopal has built
rpm packages . 

> 2. A suggested directory structure for building the system (tar zxf,
> configure, make, etc., etc.)
when building from source I am using the cvs version, in which case the
driectory structure is implicitly given by repo: 

cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/dotgnu-pnet cvs
[just press enter here] 
cvs -z3 co treecc pnetlib pnet 

treecc is an aspect oriented (tree) compiler compiler, which Rhys has
pnet is the VM 
pnetlib are the core libraries 

I think: install treecc first, then pnet and then pnetlib 
(all through ./configure ; make; make install ) 

> 3. After the dotGNU software is installed, how to test that I have everything
> installed correctly.
cscc is the c# compiler 
ilrun is the il bytecode executer 

for instance 
cd pnet/samples 
cscc -o fib.exe fib.cs 
ilrun fib.exe 

> I've read a bit about .NET, but given the expense of the Microsoft system, I'd
> rather start with dotGNU instead.
> After reading several of the developers' archives, I had not found a "dotGNU
> 101" installation tutorial starting from absolute scratch.  (March 2002 seemed
> to have the only scraps of info for an "almost clueless" beginner such as
> myself.)
> After dotGNU is built on my two Linux systems, are there some simple exercises
> to see that it is working correctly and to test the interfaces between the
> computers?  I can SSH, FTP, Telnet now so I know the hub is working, etc.
> Thanks!
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