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[DotGNU]Last minute adjustments for pnetlib (deadline release).

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Last minute adjustments for pnetlib (deadline release).
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 00:41:39 +0530
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Hi All,
        I have been looking up the TODO's on pnetlib today and found 3
places which need immediate attention...

*) Single.ToString() 
*) Double.ToString()
*) DateTime.ToString()

The three are formatted outputs , but since we're a little short on
time for the release date ..... I think a basic output ("G") would
be sufficent..

If there is a volunteer please raise your hand and rush off to 
pnetlib/System/Private/NumberFormatter.cs to hack  out FormatSingle 
and the FormatDouble.

The Datetime can use the DateTime.Day,Month and similar properties
to hack it ... (basic stuff is a sitting duck for you ;)..

And remember Pnet always picks mscorlib.dll from "{prefix}/lib/cscc/lib/",
so copy that mscorlib.dll to some other name and -L your pnetlib/runtime
dir for realtime testing ...

I'll want these too into the release to call it really "good" :-) ..

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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