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RE: [DotGNU]New developer questions (was: This Year in DotGNU 2002 (DRAF

From: Bob Calco
Subject: RE: [DotGNU]New developer questions (was: This Year in DotGNU 2002 (DRAFT))
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 12:06:22 -0500

%% If memory serves me right, Bob Calco wrote:
%% > I've been lurking in the background on the mailing list a few days, and
%% > learning the TreeCC utility. I'm interested in joining the
%% DotGNU project,
%% > particularly in the area of porting languages, foundation
%% code, and .NET
%% > interoperability.
%% TreeCC is currently being revamped to support more language
%% output models..
%% Peter Minten's latest addition viz Ruby output has been the last language
%% added ...

I hope to add some value here too. :)

%% > I love building tools and reusable libraries.
%% WOW !! ...

I meant it!

%% > What are the steps to becoming a regular developer and/or team
%% lead on this
%% > project?
%% To work under the Portable.Net project which covers the umbrella of .NET
%% runtime, language compilers and TreeCC you first have to get approved by
%% Rhys for CVS access .... Which obviously needs about 4-5 good patches to
%% some part .... (the debugger ?) ...

OK, I'm anoncvs'ing the source as we speak. My Savannah handle is rcalco, I
work on the Ruby FreeRIDE project there.

%% Being a team leader needs your own project which has to be a GNU project
%% and approved by DotGNU Steering Committe . This means a small time period
%% to get all the members together and vote ... Not usually a good
%% idea unless
%% you have something really big planned ... IMHO fragmentation can
%% be really
%% really bad.

I'll worry about starting something new once I attain developer-dom.

%% > Another question I had is the relationship of this project, if any,
%% > to Mono?
%% DotGNU Portable.Net is similar to the Mono project . So visit
%% or doc/pnet_faq.html
%% in pnet CVS .
%% We share a certain amount of code ... Portable.Net's I18n code has been
%% relicensed to Mono on request . It is not a typical fork and is kept in
%% sync IIRC (which is easy since those 50k lines are mostly autogenerated).
%% And our runtime uses a header file from Mono JIT which
%% simplifies x86 code
%% generation.

Thanks for the info!

- Bob

%% Gopal
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