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Re: [DotGNU]A request for help ... a mass effort

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]A request for help ... a mass effort
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 02:48:31 -0800 (PST)


I have the newest cvs, and have targeted the following create
statements to look into. It seems that most of them do not have any
lines attached.

I will be working the files in, and associating then with 
CloneLine to another node that should contains a line number.

In terms of diagnostics, I will add a simple error message for myself
at  the end of cloneline to complain if there is no line number in the
source objects. Then will work back to find where the parent is.        node->staticCtors = ILNode_List_create();        ILNode_MethodDeclaration_create         ILNode_NewScope_create(node->staticCtors));        bodyList = ILNode_Compound_create();        ILNode_MethodDeclaration_create         ILNode_NewScope_create(bodyList));        LNode_List_Add(bodyList,
ILNode_NewScope_create(stmt));        CSAddInitCtor(info, ILNode_Assign_create        node->initializer =
ILNode_SemGuard_create(node->initializer, value);        ILNode_Assign_create(node->name, node->initializer));
*/        node->staticCtor = ILNode_NewScope_create        (ILNode_Assign_create(node->name, node->initializer));        ILNode_Empty_create();        ode->body = ILNode_Empty_create();

static void CloneLine(ILNode *dest, ILNode *src)
        yysetfilename(dest, yygetfilename(src));
        yysetlinenum(dest, yygetlinenum(src));

Here is a breakdown of _create staments in csharp/*.tc

The C files have expanded and duplicated code so :


cs_lookup.c:0     is standalone
cs_modifiers.c:0  is standalone

cs_nodes.c:27 -- this is comprised of the following .tc files
""  0
""  3,   but is split between this file and semantics.c
""  7,  but is split between this file and semantics.c

cs_scanner.c:11     is standalone

cs_semantics.c:   127  -- this is comprised of the following tc files
""      0
""     7
""     14
""    10 
""    57
""      3  but is split between this file and nodes.c
""      31

cs_semvalue.c:22 is standalone
cs_valdoc.c:0    is standalone


now the grammer is a bit different
cs_grammar.c:23 -- CloneLine

James Michael DuPont

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