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[DotGNU]A brief summary of the first meeting

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]A brief summary of the first meeting
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 02:09:09 +0530
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Hi All, 
        I know it's sort of lateish .. but anyway ....

This weeks' first meeting was actually more of a 2 hour window on the actual 
proceedings on the #dotgnu channel ... So here's a good , enjoyable ,
and hopefully well written summary for the entire log i have here. In some
order , mostly chronological.... mostly nonsense ... I couldn't leave out
some things and hide what really happens could I ?...

*****************************GHP DEVELOPMENT******************************
[20:57] <minddog> i dunno, my mind hasn't gotten used to it since i've been 
glued to vim
[20:58] <S11001001> minddog: vim is evil
[20:59] Action: minddog shrugs
[21:05] Action: minddog loves xchat and perl scripting ;)
[21:05] <ajmitch> perl is evil
[21:05] <S11001001> yeah
[21:05] <minddog> oh yes , i love it!
[21:05] <minddog> id rather be writing php tho
***************************AND WE'RE ONTO GHP-Land************************
[21:06] <ajmitch> been doing much on ghp lately?
[21:06] <minddog> i know ... i'm changing that if i could find some freetime
[21:07] <minddog> an hour on it every couple days
[21:07] <minddog> nothin much, till the semester is over
[21:08] <ajmitch> cool
[21:08] <minddog> i can't wait till its module support is done
[21:08] <minddog> people can start writing for it
[21:08] <minddog> and ill release the source

*******************a brief history on how pnet for W32 came up***********
[01:40] <Scandium> I am sorry for being so slow but I am very busy with finding 
a job, so it may take...hours...until I got pnet working in cygwin...sorry for 
[03:54] <t3rmin4t0r> Rhys is very interested in getting pnet running without 
cygwin ...
[03:55] <t3rmin4t0r> hopefully a setup.exe would rocket pnet's popularity !
[03:55] <t3rmin4t0r> but none of us have Win32 boxes ...
[03:56] <Scandium> Well, I would be available for testing purposes since I am 
using Linux and Win2000 at home
[03:56] <Scandium> but to develope would be a problem :P
[03:56] <t3rmin4t0r> ok ... you should really ask Rhys how to make it work 
without cygwin
[04:47] <Scandium> Nullsoft's installation system is open source :)
[04:47] <t3rmin4t0r> YAY !
[04:47] <t3rmin4t0r> Open Source is better than nothing
[04:48] <t3rmin4t0r> anyway I'd better go and fix up the test suite to pass 
100% before Rhys wakes up
[05:12] <manyoso> so pnet has no cygwin dependencies when fully compiled?
[05:12] <manyoso> that is interesting
[05:20] <Scandium> manyoso: I don't know...But I already learned something: 
"Ask Rhys about it" :)
[08:13] <manyoso> ok, but is it possible or 'theoretically possible' to compile 
and install pnet on win2000 with a bare bones windows system with Visual Studio 
... ?
[08:14] <t3rmin4t0r> the build framework is terribly GNU
[09:00] <manyoso> mdupont: am just thinking that VC7 might encourage windows 
[09:00] <mdupont> I will setup a cross compile for pnet in the next weeks
[09:01] <mdupont> the debain cross compile is really easy to use when set up
[09:01] <mdupont> and produces native windows binaries
[09:01] <ajmitch> hmm
[09:01] <ajmitch> relies on there being decent debian packaging, no?
[09:01] <manyoso> i think a cross compile build system that used mingw or 
cygwin would be good and i think a VC7 project file would be a good thing too 
[09:01] <mdupont> yes ajmitch

******************RHYS ARRIVES LONG  BEFORE THE MEETING**********************
[19:23] rhysw (address@hidden) joined #dotgnu.
[19:24] <ajmitch> hi rhys

*********************THE JOKES (no channel without it)*************************
[19:25] <rhysw> hi marcusU
[19:25] <Neu[Mann]> uh! australia
[19:25] <ajmitch> yeah, we feel sorry for him too :)
[19:26] <marcusU> Australia. Isn't that next to Germany?
[19:26] Action: rhysw smacks marcusU soundly
[19:26] <Neu[Mann]> no, that's AUSTRIA
[19:26] <ajmitch> no, australia is this little island off the coast of NZ
[19:27] <Neu[Mann]> with kangaroos you know?
[19:28] <marcusU> I thought the little island off the coast of NZ was 
Antarctica -- you know, where Santa Claus lives.
[19:32] <rhysw> it looks like C H Gowri Kumar has just about got pnet to work 
on ia64
[19:41] <ajmitch> where do we want to host debs?
[19:41] <ajmitch> i could easily put them on

***************************THE MEETING STARTS EARLY*************************
[22:51] rhysw (address@hidden) joined #dotgnu.
[22:54] <absurd> hey
[22:54] <absurd> i finally caught you
[22:54] <rhysw> looks like
[23:20] <t3rmin4t0r> absurd: you're doing a wrong build in pnet !
[23:20] <ajmitch> t3rmin4t0r: what did he do wrong? :)
[23:21] <absurd> im not sure that i can. but that would be a problem :)
[23:21] <absurd> oooh i can auto_gen!! weeee!
[23:22] <rhysw> should be MacOS X friendly.  But even if it isn't, 
the pnet-0.4.8 tarball shouldn't need it.
[23:20] <t3rmin4t0r> ajmitch: forgot to run ./ :-)
[23:17] <absurd> how is ghp coming along? i would like to help as that is the 
language that I use the most
[23:17] <t3rmin4t0r> absurd: your pnet build does not seem to be adding 
lib_regexp.c to the ilrun build ?

**********************************OS X BUILD***************************
[23:51] <rhysw> make check
[23:51] <absurd> awww
[23:52] <absurd> TestUriAuthority ... An exception occurred which could not be 
converted into a string
[23:52] <absurd> threw exception: FAIL: TestSystem.dll
[23:52] <rhysw> eep
[23:53] <absurd> is the test supposed to be successful?
[23:53] <t3rmin4t0r> yes ...
[23:53] <absurd> thats too bad
[23:54] <rhysw> try the examples in pnet/samples - hello, fib, codepage, etc
[00:06] <t3rmin4t0r> coming slightly back to topic ... how soon can we set up a 
demo webservice app for pnet ?
[00:07] <silvernerd> once ajmitch get's the GNU-RPC spec
[00:07] <silvernerd> and we get a GNU-RPC IL lib
[00:07] <ajmitch> umm yeah
[00:07] Action: ajmitch ducks
[00:21] <t3rmin4t0r> rhysw: Are we planning a CVM JIT or a direct IL jit ?
[00:22] <rhysw> direct IL as a coder will give better results - but 
realistically I don't think we can think about JIT's at all until 0.6.0 or 
[00:23] <rhysw> Rhys's First Law of JIT's: never enter a speed war - you'll 
spend all your time doing useless optimizations to look better than the other 
guy, and slowing real apps down in the process
[00:24] <rhysw> i.e. good data structures beats clever code converters every 
day of the week.
[00:24] <ajmitch> pnet is full of clever design

*************BUT SOME PEOPLE MISSED THE ACTION (READING THIS)******************
[00:48] bmd (address@hidden) joined #dotgnu.
[00:51] bmd (address@hidden) left #dotgnu.
[00:57] blastm (address@hidden) joined #dotgnu.
[00:57] <ajmitch> hello
[00:57] <blastm> hi
[01:02] blastm (address@hidden) left #dotgnu ("return 0;").

So as you can see , somebody really needs to make sense of all this ....
I tried ... 

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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