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[DotGNU]Calling undeclared 'virtual' methods..

From: Chris Smith
Subject: [DotGNU]Calling undeclared 'virtual' methods..
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 19:05:20 +0000

is it possible to do this in C#:

SomeClass OBJ = new SomeClass();

OBJ.Method.some.false.method( .... );

And even though MSG.Method.some.false.method _doesn't_ exist, MSG.Method 
(which does exist) gets called and is able to access the some.false.method in 
some way?

Like AUTOLOAD in perl for creating 'false' methods...

Basically, I wondered if I could use:

Message.Send<.some.destination.namespace>( stuff );

in my C# Goldwater api for sending messages.

It's a bit Java like isn't it?  Think I've seen this done somewhere.
It was just a thought before I write the Goldwater C# pInvoke stub in stone.

Chris Smith
  Technical Architect - netFluid Technology Ltd.
  "Internet Technologies, Distributed Systems and Tuxedo Consultancy"
  E: address@hidden  W:

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