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[DotGNU]News: S11's inferior little "SEE" :) now in CVS - codename `anta

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [DotGNU]News: S11's inferior little "SEE" :) now in CVS - codename `antares'
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 19:28:55 -0600
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Hi folks, I'm terribly pleased right now, because I've just put my
somewhat out-of-date SEE sources into CVS.  This SEE is an
implementation of the Network SEE specification, maintained by myself.
If/when I am able to parse the DGEE stuff, and there are no philosophy
problems there, that will be integrated ... into the spec *first*.

The CVS does not build yet.  That's because I never tested my
Doxyfiles, didn't fix all the compiler errors -- and just added tons
of compiler -W flags and -pedantic-errors that will offer even more
trouble -- and the partial manual probably refers in many places to
the old Network SEE v1, and I need to replace my CC++ CVS with a
stable install to test this against, and I *need* a test suite
(because I'm bound to break stuff a million times otherwise), and to
use some of the new Automake features, write the website
generator..... anyway, right now it's even less than Andromeda.

Just set your CVSROOT to
address@hidden:/cvsroot/dotgnu-see, and checkout module

BTW: this will *not* be backward-compatible to versions of Autoconf
before 2.5x, or versions of Automake before 1.7.x.  I'm following many
of the other GNU projects' lead (e.g. Guile), so if you need the older
stuff too, then you shall live without harmony in your installs. :)

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Stephen Compall - Also known as S11001001
DotGNU `Contributor' --
Jabber ID: address@hidden

The only real significance of the "Halloween documents" is that
Microsoft seems to think that the GNU/Linux system has the potential
for great success.

Thank you, Microsoft, and please get out of the way.
        -- RMS, "Is Microsoft the Great Satan?"

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