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[DotGNU]treecc updates

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]treecc updates
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 20:29:18 +1000

I have updated the CVS version of treecc:

- The skeleton files (e.g. "c_skel.c") are compiled into the
  binary, so there should be no more problems with finding the
  skeleton files for inclusion into treecc output.

- The non-cygwin build is now the default when building for Win32.
  It is no longer necessary to do "./configure --disable-cygwin".
  A stand-alone Win32 binary that can run outside Cygwin is built
  by default (this only applies to treecc - not pnet yet).

- I've added a "" script, to assist with building zip
  file binary packages for Win32 systems.  The binary package
  includes the treecc binary and documentation in man, html,
  and pdf formats.  You will need a full texinfo installation to
  build the documentation, including "texi2dvi" and "texi2html".
  The zip builder will also work on non-Win32 systems, although
  zip packages aren't necessarily the best option elsewhere.

Please test out treecc and let me know if there are any problems
with these changes.



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