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[DotGNU]Errno Weirdness & Need a `HAVE_RENAME'

From: Aditya P. Bansod
Subject: [DotGNU]Errno Weirdness & Need a `HAVE_RENAME'
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 17:18:18 -0800

Hi all,

When I enter into support/dir.c, I see the errno being already at 2
(directory not found). I'm almost done with the Directory.Move function, but
this oddity is holding me up. Should I ignore it? Or is there something else
I should be worried about?

Debug statements show:

_IL_DirMethods_Rename inside (from engine/lib_dir.c)
IN ILRenameDir (from support/dir.c)
NEITHER old or new name were null
ERRNO before 2 (before rename is called)
ERRNO after 2, rename ret = 0 (after rename)

The C# code that causes this is:
        string del = "/home/abansod/test/treecc";
        string delnew = "/home/abansod/test/treecc_new";
        Directory.Move(del, delnew);

Currently, I'm just ignoring the errno if rename returns 0, otherwise I
throw the errno, such as:
        if(retVal == 0)
                return IL_ERRNO_Success;
                return ILSysIOConvertErrno(errno);

Secondly, in support/dir.c I'd like to have a HAVE_RENAME so I can #ifdef
HAVE_RENAME before I call rename. I couldn't really find where to put it
(I'm no expert on SCM).



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