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[DotGNU]Contribution to DotGNU

From: D. Hoxha
Subject: [DotGNU]Contribution to DotGNU
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:37:53 MET


I want to contribute to DotGNU project. I am a web application
developer (PHP,MySQL). After working for sometime with some
difficult web application projects, I managed to factor out
from them some common part (both code and concepts) that can
be used in each new web app project to facilitate its development.
By the time, this "common part" was shaped into a framework
that can be used to facilitate the development of any web app
project. I would like to make this framework (called phpWebApp)
part of the DotGNU project (and therefore part of the GNU system).

You can see an old version of this framework at SourceForge:
Since then, I used the framework to develop another web app,
which was more chalenging to the framework, and therefore the
framework evolved to meet the new chalenges. So, there are 
significant improvments that are not commited to the SourceForge
copy. Now I would like to host the new version of the framework
at savanah, with the GPL licence, since I want it to become part
of DotGNU and GNU (by the way, the version at SourceForge is LGPL,
because at that time I didn't understand very well the philosophical
side of the GPL).

I will try to host the new version of the framework at savanah as
soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the SF copy
to get an idea about it. I know that DotGNU has already phpGroupWare
which is a framework for building and integrating GroupWare tools,
but I think that phpWebApp is more general and flexible than this
framework. While building the framework, I have had in mind that it
should facilitate the development of web applications in the same 
way that VisualBasic (or VC++) facilitates the development of 
desktop applications (I don't mean the visual part of these tools
but the other aspects, e.g. event handling, object-orientedness, etc).
So, I think that phpGroupWare can profit by using phpWebApp for
constructing each tool, but this is up to its developers to decide.

I would also like to become a member of FreeDevelopers. I have already
signed the declaration, now what else? If anybody can give me any
advice about this I would appreciate it. Also I am not sure whether
I should remove the old version of the phpWebApp from the SourceForge,
after releasing the new version (GPL-ed) at savanah, or I should leave
it there. Finally, if this not the right place to discuss such things
(probably this is just for bugs, fixes and new realeses) please tell
me the appropriate mailing list that I should join.

Thank you,
Dashamir Hoxha

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