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Re: [DotGNU]Contribution to DotGNU

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Contribution to DotGNU
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 08:50:11 -0500
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First, php can be a wonderful tool for writing and deploying web services 
quickly.  There had been some issues in the past with how free php 4 vs php 3 
is, but I see nothing wrong with having a freely licensed php web services 
framework and I certainly would encourage it's active and continued 

The question of where it fits into dotgnu specifically is a bit harder to 
address.  In dotgnu, there is a desire for interoperation of web services.  
One reason we have phpGroupware in dotgnu is because they standardize around 
xmlrpc.  I am not sure if phpWebApp addresses such interoperation as well, 
since I have not yet looked at it as yet, but I plan to do so.  However, if 
the question were asked more broadly, in that could there be a very general 
purpose GPL licensed php web services framework in dotgnu, I personally think 
that question is yes.  I think you will find people have some ideas of what 
they might wish to have such a framework do and would likely contribute code 
to make such a framework work better in terms of creating interoperable 

As for the question of moving the project to Savannah, and what to do with 
SourceForge, I would suggest leaving the existing (LGPL licensed) 
distribution on SourceForge, since they are a tad slow in deleting projects 
anyway, but put up information on your SF site that the project is being 
re-introduced on Savannah, that it is now under GPL, and that it is being 
activily maintained from Savannah. 


On Wednesday 18 December 2002 17:37, D. Hoxha wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to contribute to DotGNU project. I am a web application
> developer (PHP,MySQL). After working for sometime with some
> difficult web application projects, I managed to factor out
> from them some common part (both code and concepts) that can
> be used in each new web app project to facilitate its development.
> By the time, this "common part" was shaped into a framework
> that can be used to facilitate the development of any web app
> project. I would like to make this framework (called phpWebApp)
> part of the DotGNU project (and therefore part of the GNU system).
> You can see an old version of this framework at SourceForge:
> Since then, I used the framework to develop another web app,
> which was more chalenging to the framework, and therefore the
> framework evolved to meet the new chalenges. So, there are
> significant improvments that are not commited to the SourceForge
> copy. Now I would like to host the new version of the framework
> at savanah, with the GPL licence, since I want it to become part
> of DotGNU and GNU (by the way, the version at SourceForge is LGPL,
> because at that time I didn't understand very well the philosophical
> side of the GPL).
> I will try to host the new version of the framework at savanah as
> soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the SF copy
> to get an idea about it. I know that DotGNU has already phpGroupWare
> which is a framework for building and integrating GroupWare tools,
> but I think that phpWebApp is more general and flexible than this
> framework. While building the framework, I have had in mind that it
> should facilitate the development of web applications in the same
> way that VisualBasic (or VC++) facilitates the development of
> desktop applications (I don't mean the visual part of these tools
> but the other aspects, e.g. event handling, object-orientedness, etc).
> So, I think that phpGroupWare can profit by using phpWebApp for
> constructing each tool, but this is up to its developers to decide.
> I would also like to become a member of FreeDevelopers. I have already
> signed the declaration, now what else? If anybody can give me any
> advice about this I would appreciate it. Also I am not sure whether
> I should remove the old version of the phpWebApp from the SourceForge,
> after releasing the new version (GPL-ed) at savanah, or I should leave
> it there. Finally, if this not the right place to discuss such things
> (probably this is just for bugs, fixes and new realeses) please tell
> me the appropriate mailing list that I should join.
> Thank you,
> Dashamir Hoxha
> address@hidden
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