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[DotGNU]RedHat 8.0 teething pains

From: j_post
Subject: [DotGNU]RedHat 8.0 teething pains
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 09:41:10 -0800

I'm having great difficulty trying to build pnet in RH 8.0 Linux and would 
like to know if others have these problems, and more to the point, if anyone 
has solutions.

I've been building pnet on two RH7.2 machines without problems. Being more or 
less prudent, I upgraded my older, non-critical machine to RH8.0. I fixed 
most of the expected problems (still can't get screensavers to work), but 
can't build pnet/pnetlib.

./configure complains that treecc isn't installed, though "treecc -v" gives 
the expected output. Running "TREECC=/usr/local/bin/treecc ./configure" 
works, but the problem is even worse with pnetlib. Why do I need to specify 
"TREECC=..." when /usr/local/bin is in my path? for ./configure in pnetlib I 
need to specify a lot more stuff to get it to run (even though all the 
programs are in /usr/local/bin).

After these gyrations, make runs ok for pnet, but make for pnetlib results in 
"/nologo.iltmp: Permission denied".  ??? Everything worked with RH7.2.

If no one else is using RH8.0 yet, I'm willing to be a testbed for pnet, but 
any suggestions as to how to fix these problems will be greatly appreciated.

For reference: my main machine is a PIII/800 128MB ram, 32GB HD, RedHat7.2, 
and the old dinosaur with RH8.0 is a Pentium MMX/233 32MB ram, 4GB and 10GB 

Thanks for any help,

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