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RE: [DotGNU]Testing of ILASM:

From: Jeroen Frijters
Subject: RE: [DotGNU]Testing of ILASM:
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 10:20:35 +0100

Gopal V wrote:
> So how do you handle the String.substring() for Java ?..

Look in map.xml, all string methods are remapped to System.String methods or
to static methods in a StringHelper class that I wrote.

> We have done something like 
> ldc "HelloWorld"
> invokestatic  "System/String" "__FromJavaString" 
> "(Ljava/lang/String;)LSystem/String;"

Does that mean to you have two distinct String types? What about Object?

Jeroen -- Java VM for .NET

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