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From: Andrew
Subject: [DotGNU]dotgnu
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 01:43:39 -0700

I have just two questions.
Is it ready to use?
"Does it have games?"
I'm a small business owner in the computer industry that is fed up with Microsoft products.
They are sooooo expensive for me and the other small businesses I do computer work for.
I mean it's over a 1000$ for almost any Microsoft product that has the word "professional" on it.
I've been designing some software initially for the FreeBSD platform that I need some abstract
interfaces for.  The CORBA IDL sounds great but the IIOP protocol has trouble in routers and
equipment that doesn't support it (probably built by MS).  I've never experienced this behavior
because this is the first application that I've even considered something like CORBA but that's
what I've read about CORBA, among other things.  So, that's where dotgnu comes in.
I think I read somewhere on this website that dotgnu uses SOAP.  I don't know much about
the protocol other than it uses the HTTP port and XML and, the best part, it's routable.
And that leads me to my first question.  Is it ready to use?
The second question is just a cliche of one of my college buddies.  No answer necessary on
that one.

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