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[DotGNU]How far we've come on Portable.NET this year ...

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]How far we've come on Portable.NET this year ...
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 15:35:51 +1000
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Well, we've definitely passed half a million lines now ...

pnet     :  301690
pnetlib  :  199460
treecc   :   22455
pnetC    :    6255
total    :  529860

I dug back into the misty past and dredged up where we were a year ago at 
version pnet 0.2.8, pnetlib 0.1.2, and treecc 0.0.6:

pnet     :  181323
pnetlib  :   61839
treecc   :   18557
total    :  261719

Pnetlib has of course been our biggest success this year, going from "very, 
very, very sick" to being the cornerstone of our push forward.  No "System", 
no "System.Xml", no "I18N", and barely enough to do much more than "Hello 
World" style examples.

Next was the big improvement in the C# compiler, thanks in no small part to 
Gopal's lack of sleep for weeks on end.  We went from "cannot compile pnetlib 
or anything useful" to tracking down odd csc/mcs interoperability bugs.

The CVM coder was in place back then, but it wasn't until June 2002 that the 
speed benefits of the CVM system really started to kick in.

Still plenty to do though.  Reflection.Emit and Threading are big items on the 
hit list in the coming months, as is the C compiler and the JScript engine.  
And there are always plenty of bugs for people to find, complain about, and 
hopefully send in patches for.



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