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[DotGNU]... do you need some help?

From: Domenico Barra
Subject: [DotGNU]... do you need some help?
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 00:24:12 +0100

Hello everybody,
I am Domenico Barra, a young Computer Science student in Naples, Italy.
I went to the IRC channel #dotgnu on last evening, and they told 
me that I could somehow contribute to the development of DotGNU.

These are my skills:

I have an university-level knowledge of operating systems, compilers and some 
other useful (and not-so-useful) stuff...

I have a good knowledge of C and C++ languages (I started programming in C++ 
when I was 13, now I'm 20). When Brainbench ( 
certifications were still free, i had a Master Certification in both 
languages. But since I don't want to pay to be certified, I don't have them 
anymore :-|
I've a pretty good knowledge of the Python language, and, even though I don't 
like java too much, I could work on it (even if I think that it wouldn't be 
so useful for the project)...
I don't believe that some other minor languages are relevant, so will stop 
annoying you just here :-)

I've been programming for linux since three years.
I really like low level stuff, although I've never written a brand-new OS :-)

If you think I may be helpful for your project, simply let me know, I'll be 
very happy to collaborate for a project that I really appreciate.

Best regards.
Domenico Barra


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