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[DotGNU]Webshell and DGEE

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]Webshell and DGEE
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 18:33:21 +0100

Hi folks,

Chris and I discussed the Webshell and how it works with the DGEE today. The
Webshell Server has disappeared, it's functions can be integrated into dgeectl.
The Webshell Client has been extended.

The Webshell Client (now known as Webshell) has 2 versions: a command line
version and a GUI version. It has the following major tasks:
* Connecting to webservices
* Downloading webservices
* Managing local webservices
* Discovering webservices (with the help of webservice dirs)
* Managing the DGEE (admin stuff)
* Managing the security system

Webshell is the most user-visible component of DotGNU, it's a single utility for
all DotGNU operations (except starting the DGEE, since it needs a working DGEE).

Webshell is programmed in C# and the GUI version uses either QT# or GTK# (or
FOX# if anybody cares to experiment with QT# techniques on FOX :-). The
principle behind this is that DotGNU uses DotGNU where possible, that increases
the chance of bugs being caught and is good for showing off.

Webshell is a client webservice (I mean a webservice that does not serve but
only uses other webservices), that's needed to work with the webservice dirs and
complies with DotGNU-uses-DotGNU.

Since Webshell is so important for DotGNU I suggest starting work on it
immediately. A basic webservice directory will be needed in the near future
so that program should be build too. Where will we put those programs, I don't
like the idea of creating yet another savannah project with it's own CVS
repository, DGEE CVS or some other more general DotGNU CVS?



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