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[DotGNU]slogan/logo/posters project submission from Stephen Compall

From: Norbert Bollow
Subject: [DotGNU]slogan/logo/posters project submission from Stephen Compall
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 13:22:24 +0100 (CET)

Stephen Compall has made a DotGNU posters project submission with
some very good ideas... I've moved his files out of the "incoming"
directory, i.e. you can get a quick view at and the meat of the matter at

I really like the new logo idea.  I think it's much better than
what we currently have.  As for the slogan, it's an interesting
thought, but we really should have something that either emphasises
freedom or a user benefit or both.  How about the following?

GNU Freedom for the Internet

Warm Greetings,

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From: Stephen Compall <address@hidden>
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Subject: .../ad series: my personal footer and first text copy
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I have several ideas for posters/ads, some of which may actually be
implemented.  They share a common footer, because I see that as
boilerplate for my ideas; I would like your comments.  A tarball with
a 300dpi xcf.gz is available,
<>, with a signature at

For those wanting a quick view or without the GIMP, a smaller PNG is
<>, with signature

It includes a half-baked slogan idea.  Enjoy, and give me feedback!  I
need this to be good before I can dump it into anything else.

BTW, here is some pseudo-XML for the first text idea (it's a series,
after all):

<ad target="users/developers" id="UI">
  <graphic of="xeyes looking straight down" />
  <title>"Service Stubs":</title>
  <subtitle><b><i>real</i></b> user interfaces</subtitle>

  Web mail, web news, web games.  Great idea, right?  No
  installing!....just click.  Wait.  Wait.  Click.  Wait.  "We're
  sorry, this site only works with &lt;<i>web browser you don't

  DotGNU offers <u>real user interfaces</u> that look just like your
  more friendly graphical programs.  Software developers can turn
  <graphic of="some web applications" /> <graphic of="left arrow"
  /><big>this</big> into <big>this</big>. <graphic of="right arrow" />
  <graphic of="widget-ified versions of webapps" />

  <graphic of="xeyes looking at upper right">
    <caption><u>really</u>.  they're easier on the eyes <tt>:)</tt></caption>

- - --
Stephen Compall - Also known as S11001001
DotGNU `Contributor' --
Jabber ID: address@hidden

and when my hand touches myself
I can finally rest my head
and when they say "take of his body"
I think I'll take of mine instead
        -- Tori Amos, "Icicle"

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