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Re: [DotGNU]Missing entry in the info.gz files of treecc and pnet

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Missing entry in the info.gz files of treecc and pnet
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 14:15:54 -0600
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I did this for pnettools.texi.  I split them up in the hope that
install-info would put the entries in alphabetically-correct places.

@c %** end of header

@dircategory DotGNU
* Portable .NET: (pnettools).   Development toolchain for applications
                                targeted at the CLI, such as those
                                written in C#.
@end direntry

@dircategory Individual utilities
* cscc: (pnettools)cscc invocation.
                                Compiling to DotGNU Portable .NET.
@end direntry
* csdoc: (pnettools)csdoc invocation.
                                Extracting C# program documentation.
* csdoc2hier: (pnettools)csdoc2hier invocation.
                                Viewing C# class hierarchies.
* csdoc2html: (pnettools)csdoc2html invocation.
                                Converting `csdoc' output to HTML.
* csdoc2texi: (pnettools)csdoc2texi invocation.
                                Converting `csdoc' output to Texinfo.
@end direntry
* ilalink: (pnettools)ilalink invocation.  Link Portable .NET objects.
@end direntry
* ilasm: (pnettools)ilasm invocation.    Assemble IL to Portable .NET
@end direntry
* ildasm: (pnettools)ildasm invocation.
                                Debug problems with Portable .NET
                                executables by disassembly.
@end direntry
* ildd: (pnettools)ildd invocation.
                                Portable .NET library dependencies.
@end direntry
* ilfind: (pnettools)ilfind invocation.     Search for patterns in
                                Portable .NET objects.
@end direntry
* ilnative: (pnettools)ilnative invocation.
                                List native methods used in a Portable
                                .NET assemblies/objects.
@end direntry
* ilsize: (pnettools)ilsize invocation.
                                List size information for CLI objects.
@end direntry
* resgen: (pnettools)resgen invocation.     Make data resources for
                                            Portable .NET assemblies.
@end direntry


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