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[DotGNU]A small profiler (call graph) patch for ilrun

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]A small profiler (call graph) patch for ilrun
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 01:55:11 +0530
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Hi All,
        This is a small patch for ilrun to be able to give a digraph
of the execution of a program..
        The cool concept behind this is to introduce "dynamic" call
graphs instead of static call graphs ... So you know exactly 
how many times a method is called and from where ...

It gives the output in the format for the "dot" program that came
with graphviz ... It gives an enormous .jpg , I don't like the 
JPG ... but the idea is cool ... I'm not absolutely certain
that this is the right way , but I did it :)

I think ``someone'' might be interested in making this an RDF 
triple set and storing it away ;)  ... 

Anyway, this was attempted because 


gave me 7302 hashtable lookups , 3000+ CharFill operations and similar
junk in the method profiles .. I just wanted to add in some way to 
track that back to the source...

People testing this will need to enable the IL_PROFILE_CVM_METHODS in
engine/cvm_config.h to get the -C or "--call-graph" options to work.

Hopefully someone might find it useful... (and post the call graph of
HelloWorld on their website , coz my version came to 543 kb !)

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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