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Re: DotGNU TCG (was: Re: [DotGNU]A webservice game project ((TODO)))

From: Peter Minten
Subject: Re: DotGNU TCG (was: Re: [DotGNU]A webservice game project ((TODO)))
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 19:00:04 +0100

Derek Lewis wrote:
> Hi,
> This message is just to indicate my interest in this game project.
> I am interested in intellectual games and I want to follow and hopefully
> contribute to a DotGNU sub-project.
> Currently I am teaching myself about game design and construction,
> particularly non-arcade games. This project would also help motivate
> me to learn about DotGNU.
> I have some programming experience, but at the present time I would
> place my skill level at about Apprentice level (in Advogato terms).
> I will contribute where and when I can.

Great. There is currently no repository for the code, but since JScript support
in pnetlib (vital component) is not in a usable state for the game that won't be
a problem. The tarball I send to the list is still up-to-date.

Derek Lewis wrote in another mail:
> Another name you might consider:
>  Sourcery: by comparison all other magic is just mucking around in pointy 
> hats.
> The above is based on a quote from Sourcery (A Discworld Novel) by Terry
> Pratchett

DotGNU Sourcery, that's cool :-).



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