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Re: [DotGNU]Portability update

From: CH Gowri Kumar
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Portability update
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 14:10:33 +0530 (India Standard Time)

> NFS-mounted).  The token fixup phase does a lot of seeking back and forth to
> fix up the tokens, and this is very expensive under NFS.  But on a local hard
> drive (which I'm assuming Gowri Kumar was using), the overhead is mostly
> unnoticeable.
You are right Rhys.
I was doing that on a local hard drive.

This has been the greatest thing about Portable .NET.
Identifying the problems remotely and fixing them within minutes.

I remember the first time when I compiled Portable .NET on IA-64, i have
had huge warnings. I sent the log to Rhys and you won't beleive me, within
10  minutes, I had reply from Rhys saying that all those are fixed in CVS.
When I updated the sources from CVS, it compiled without a single
warning. That was just the beginning.

Later I  bugged rhys many a times asking for what is this,that etc..
Everytime I mail Rhys I get a lot to learn, which I don't think
any textbook could have taught me.

When I started working on IA-64, this small C program gave me segfault:
(Guess what could be the reason!! I banged my head when found the reason)
=============Cut Here=========
int main()
        int* p;
        p = (int*)malloc(sizeof(int));
        *p = 10;
        return 0;
=============Cut Here========

I just can't imagine how much thought Rhys would have put into design and
implementation of Portable .NET, to make it really portable.

Gowri Kumar

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