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[DotGNU]Random lockups and strange behavior with Qt# scribblewindow app

From: Marcus
Subject: [DotGNU]Random lockups and strange behavior with Qt# scribblewindow app
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 05:52:50 -0600
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In the process of testing our usual suite of applications, including
scribblewindow, I've noticed some peculiar behavior with PNet.

Sometimes when I start scribblewindow under ilrun, the drawing area is not
initially clear (white background). Instead it starts off with the drawing
area having the image of the data that was under the window when it was
created. Choosing one of the menu functions seems to cause the drawing area
to clear. This problem seems to occur randomly upon start. I was able to
reproduce it and take a snapshot (just to show that I'm not imaginging this).

Another problem is that after a sufficient amount of drawing, scribbling a
bunch, all over the drawing area, ilrun simply locks up. I have no idea why
this is happening, and I do not know how to begin debugging this kind of
problem. (If exceptions were being thrown, I would have a good starting
point, but in this case, I'm baffled.)

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