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[DotGNU]New member

From: Ben
Subject: [DotGNU]New member
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 18:57:22 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Everyone.  I've just joined this list.  Seems like you guys are doing a
good job... Im going to start looking at the code and hopefully get
involved at some point.  One question, how do database technologies come
into something like this?  Was Microsofts decision to rebrand SQL Server
to SQL Server .NET anything other than a marketing excercise?  Im quite
interested in database & xml technologies so this is something I'd like to
work on.  Also, is anyone working on maintaining documentation?  What
about database API's in the class libraries... Anyone thought how these
might be built?

One thing from my first experiences.  It would be nice if there was more
of a centralised place for dotgnu information.  e.g. If there was one CVS
repository, one place to download binaries, docs and source.  Someone
suggested a centralised developer list.  Everything feels a bit disparate
at the minute.  As the sort of person who might be coming to this as a
user as well as a developer, I'd also like to see higher level overviews
of how the sub projects fit together.  Just my 2p.

Any info appreciated,

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