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From: Simon Guindon
Subject: [DotGNU]Jabber.NET
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 18:22:50 -0500

First off I want to say thanks to everyone for the hard effort on getting
Jabber.NET to port to PNET.  In a short amount of time great strides have
been made on the compiler front, still lots of work to be done on the
pnetlib front though, but I'm very happy with the progress and interest that
seems to be happening.

I've posted a new test version of Jabber.NET.  Joe Hildebrand will be
releasing a more formal release when he gets the time but this version I'm
providing is good enough for us to work with.

This new version has System.Diagnostics.Tracer dependancy removed, and the
Complex class removed.

I've tried building this ontop of the new CVS compiler/class lib, and much
much improvement on the compiler front, I still get a few remaining errors,
but its FAR fewer than it was first off a few days ago.

Here are my remaining errors:

./jabber/connection/IQTracker.cs:123: no matching method for call to
`WaitOne(int, bool)'
./jabber/connection/IQTracker.cs:123: invalid operand to unary `!'
./jabber/protocol/ElementStream.cs:138: `ThreadPool' is not declared in the
current scope
./jabber/protocol/ElementStream.cs:138: called object is not a method or
./jabber/protocol/ElementStream.cs:157: `ThreadPool' is not declared in the
current scope
./jabber/protocol/ElementStream.cs:157: called object is not a method or
./jabber/server/JabberService.cs:191: could not coerce constant argument 1

Most of those seem to be Threading stubs not existing?

I guess after these compiler issues are resolved, we have to start thinking
about class lib implementation.  Two things come to mind, first is
System.Xml, but I'm not too worried about that, I will try and organize test
cases and such for that and try and help develop and work with minddog.

The other major issue, which is the largest thing lingering over Jabber.NET
compatibility is Threading, I know Rhys is busy with a great many things
(including work) and from his statements theres no clear solution yet.
Maybe we can try and brainstorm a little on this topic and see what arises?

So maybe I will throw out the first crazy idea.  I'm not that familiar with
low level stuff like that, so bare with me.  I know from my Jabber
experience, jabberd uses pthreads for threading, is some sort of pthreads
wrapper that PInvoke's pthreads a possibility?

Great work everyone and much thanks for the help,

Simon Guindon
Nureality Networks

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