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[DotGNU]Windows specifica

From: Tobias Oberstein
Subject: [DotGNU]Windows specifica
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 01:52:21 +0100

I'd like to build a DLL under Windows using VC++ and statically
link Portable.NET.

I had little problems building pnet using MingW + Cygwin (small
wrinkles see at the end).

I guess I need to have "*.def" files to produce correct Import Libs
for use with VC++.

The MingW FAQ says (they show how to build and use a shared library)


  gcc -shared -o testdll.dll testdll.c \
      -Wl, \
      --output-def,testdll.def, \

  to produce the DLL and DEF files. MSVC cannot use the MinGW library,
  but since you have already the DEF file you may easily produce
  one by the Microsoft LIB tool:

  lib /machine:i386 /def:testdll.def


So here's my question: How can I tell the build process to spit
out those *.def files?

One more question .. under pure Cygwin, I link my pnet test-driver
program with:



-lm -lpthread

which works just fine. Under MingW32 + Cygwin, I noticed that e.g.
is built by linking


instead of "-lm -lpthread". I suppose, native Win32 threading headers are
used then? E.g. does Pnet use the native Win32 thread API for e.g. it's
Metadata Mutex?

Also, I'd like to reduce the set of linked in libraries as much as possible,
to reduce problems (I'm embedding into a server app, which will get complex
enough) especially the dynamics. That is: what is "-lwsock32"? Is it
How to avoid? What is /can I avoid "libffi.a" and "libgc.a"?

Thanks alot,

********************** wrinkles: MingW + Cygwin *************************

gcc -mno-cygwin -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include    -I../libgc/include -
include                         -DCSCC_LIB_PREFIX=\"/usr/local/lib\"        
CC_BIN_PREFIX=\"/usr/local/bin\" -g -O2 -Wall -c dns.c
gcc -mno-cygwin -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include    -I../libgc/include -
include                         -DCSCC_LIB_PREFIX=\"/usr/local/lib\"        
CC_BIN_PREFIX=\"/usr/local/bin\" -g -O2 -Wall -c dynlib.c
/bin/sh ./ ../include/il_errno.h \

    gcc -mno-cygwin -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../include    -I../libgc/inclu
de -I../include                         -DCSCC_LIB_PREFIX=\"/usr/local/lib\"
 -DCSCC_BIN_PREFIX=\"/usr/local/bin\" -g -O2 -Wall >./errno_map.c
gcc.exe: /tmp/gerr2100.c: No such file or directory
gcc.exe: no input files
make[1]: *** [errno_map.c] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

address@hidden ~/Portable.NET-MinGW/pnet-0.5.2

Now, the contents of "errno_map.c" looks like this:

./ cannot locate the errno.h file for the target platform

I worked around it by copying "errno_map.c" from my non-MingW (that is
pure Cygwin) built over. After that, everything rolled.

Finally, a "make check" showed up 4 errors (everything else was fine):

Suite: Main Thread Properties

thread_main_nonnull ... ok
thread_main_object ... ok
thread_main_running ... ok
thread_main_foreground ... ok

Suite: Thread Creation

thread_create_arg ... ok
thread_create_suspended ... ok
thread_create_state ... ok
thread_create_destroy ... ok
thread_create_foreground ... ok

Suite: Thread Suspend

thread_suspend ... thread did not end in the `stopped' state
thread_suspend_self ... ok
thread_suspend_destroy ... ok
thread_suspend_mutex ... ok
thread_suspend_rdlock ... ok
thread_suspend_wrlock ... ok
thread_suspend_main ... ok
thread_suspend_main_self ... ok

Suite: Thread Sleep

thread_sleep ... sleep did not end when expected
thread_sleep_interrupt ... ok
thread_sleep_suspend ... thread did not resume
thread_sleep_suspend_ignore ... resume was not ignored

Suite: Misc Thread Tests

thread_other_object ... ok
thread_counts ... ok

Suite: Wait Mutex Tests

mutex_create ... ok

24 tests run, 4 tests failed
FAIL: test_thread

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