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Re: [DotGNU]David Stuz leaves Microsoft

From: Timothy Rue
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]David Stuz leaves Microsoft
Date: 16 Feb 2003 10:31:13 -0500

On 15-Feb-03 17:27:05 Rhys Weatherley <address@hidden> wrote:

 RW> So what you say?  Well, David was the guy in charge of the Rotor
 RW> project.  His  comments about MS "not getting it" about OSS are
 RW> interesting in that context  at least.

 RW> Cheers,

 RW> Rhys.

what I say is:

As a safe general perspective, it is wise to not so quickly trust anyone
or anything comming from MS. There are a whole bunch of reasons, mostly
cored in the fundamental mindset required to work at Microsoft, not to
mention moving up the ladder, holding stock... etc.. where as a matter
of some mindset "addiction" or "deep programming" even unintentional and
subtle action supporting such a mindset directed goals can linger on and
on, contributing to the goal.

The Common Language Infrastructure when viewed as a sum total of
programming concepts and datatypes integrated in a non-conflicting manner,
is not an invention any where near as it is simply what it is. Any number
of efforts could have come to similiar results. The results being something
not patentable or otherwise IP constrainable.

The fact that it was MS that did it is reason enough to be cautious of it,
(if only for subtle distortions) but it's also worth understanding that it
is more benefial for MS to recognize the non-patentability of such
research but get credit for doing it than it would be to try and make
Intellectual Property claims and constraints to it. The way it is, MS is
preceived as "credited with doing the research" and this can help support
the illusion of MS changing it's MO.

I think we all can now see even here there is constraining intent, given
the explosion of patent application filings being done by MS. There is
such action by MS that can be construed as bait and switch and even

MS has the art of friendship illusion leading to backstabbing down as a
very defined science and always being integrated into it's business

Not so long ago I commented on slashdot and a few other places, including
here, the intent of MS to corner a market, specifically the autocoding
market. That comment was done in a manner of integrating both the power of
suggestion as well as the power of identification of something in a new
light, knowing full well MS would see the comment and be influenced by it
to try and make it so. There is a lot more to what I've been up to, but
suffice it to say.... there are two types of cheating. Black hat that take
a point truths leading to deception in order to unsurp unearned values
from others and then there is white hat, where the false lure of easy
value gains is used to lead to fully integrated honesty and the genuine
values to be gained from such. MS applies black hat tactics. The GPL is a
foundation upon which integrated Honesty can better grow, though it
doesn't mean there are not some weeds trying to take over.

If you understand the MS beast, what to expect of it, what it moves upon,
etc.. you can cause it's black hat direction to backfire and actually help
move honesty forward. Though this has been happening, it is more so a
result of an unconscious sum body that has grown on the GPL foundation.

MS is trying to corner the market, whatever you want to call or label that
software development market, make no mistake. Become more aware of that
fact and in defence try and work even more in a direction which cannot be
constrained by Intellectual Property. There is something of an
international common sense accepted list of what cannot be patented. Work
in that direction, gear your mindset for that direction, get addicted to
that direction.....etc... It will improve your ability to quickly spot
deceptions, intentional or by unintentional mindset habit.

One of the responses to my crediting MS with trying to corner the
autocoding market comment (on slashdot) was to the effect "you are either
a loon or a genius" and my response was something like "Can't I be both?"

Sooo, to those reading the dotgnu list... think whatever you want of me,
but don't deny what you do know and can expect of the MS beast. Don't let
your guard down, not even to things that sound good. But instead improve
your inherent shield of defence, for MS is most certainly focusing in on
what it preceives as competition, in more and more detail, looking for
even that tiny straw with enough weight to help weaken or break the GPL
camels back.

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