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[DotGNU]Win32 GTK# Question

From: Robert Johnson
Subject: [DotGNU]Win32 GTK# Question
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 14:12:27 -0800 (PST)

t3rmin4t0r -

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to to tell you
what I found out about the gtk# problem I found and
talked to you about today on irc. Let me just tell you
and everybody on the list what I found again.

I am using the compiled installer for gtk# version 6
for Win32. I have the directory which contains the
gtk# libraries in my "path" environment variable. and
I compiled a HellowWorld.cs gtk# application with pnet
using "cscc -o HelloWorld.exe -gtk HelloWorld.cs". The
Application compiled fine but when I tried to run it
with ilrun I got the message:


C:\bob-code\gtksharp>ilrun HelloWorld.exe
dynamic libraries are not available
Uncaught exception: System.MissingMethodException:
Attempted to access a non-existing method
        at Gtk.Application.Init()
        at GtkSamples.HelloWorld.Main(String[])


But when I try to run the application with mono it
runs without this this error.

You mentioned that I should look in my
"/pnet/include/il_config.h for the line "#define
HAVE_DLOPEN 1". I did not find this line in my

You also mentioned to me that it might be a problem
with the pnet build. Do you have any information as to
what this error is all about?

By the way I am using pnet 0.5.2 that I compiled for
Win32 (using the --disbale-cgygwin switch).


Bob J

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