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[DotGNU]Reminder - Weekly DotGNU Meeting

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]Reminder - Weekly DotGNU Meeting
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 22:33:14 +0530
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DotGNU holds weekly meetings to discuss any issues
of relevance; to allow the developers to catch up
with each other; and to allow new members to ask
questions and find out how to join in.

The meetings are conducted via IRC in the channel
#dotgnu on at the following

    Saturday 1000 UTC
    Saturday 2200 UTC

The first is best for DotGNU members east of UTC
and the second is best for DotGNU members west
of UTC.  Some of the key DotGNU members attend
both meetings.

The logs of #dotgnu are always available here:

Note: the times are UTC, not GMT. If you have a Unix system,
then the command "date; date -u" will give you your current 
time in both local and UTC, allowing you do determine when 
the next meeting will occur.


Ok, this week we're discussing some really serious stuff .
Here's the agenda .

*) Are the JIT guys going to take up the profiler TODO ?.
   It might be an easy way to start playing around with
   the ILCoder API and will be a short term project as well.
   It would be a nice thing to have , to profile conditionally.

*) Async methods , I've worked out the compiler stuff .
   But still lost at what to do with the engine. I need to figure
   out the flow of control in the engine through the marshalling,
   invocation and the rest of the function pointers to figure
   out how to get async delegates working.

*) Debugger , where are the hooks for the debugger in the engine.
   How easy would it be to link them up to ildb .

*) Serialization , are we implementing serialization ?. If we are, 
   how are we going to be compatible . Do we have some documentation
   as to how the serialization is planned ?. The documentation will
   need the names and types of the serialized members. Also quite a
   bit of hashcode , equals and parse functions might have bugs as

*) Project for newbies : Implement a treeview for pnetlib-doc . Right
   now pnetlib-doc sucks . It's better than reading XML , but still it
   pales in comparison to the MSDN layout. So how about a simple ,
   uncomplicated and direct

*) How do we plan to move onto Threading ?. I know it's been talked 
   about too long. But can we have a decision -- something to one
   side of the decision line ?. "Not Now" would be a disappointing but
   *realistic* answer .

*) Future of JScript. Couple of people had volunteered for JScript
   and I haven't had much news from them lately. Are you still interested,
   if you are please do tell me. 

We've recieved a number of good bug reports from various people this 
week -- A good number of patches too . It's been a good week .

Also we'll prolly have the general "Who goes there ?" questions around
here as well :-)

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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