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[DotGNU]Mono's corlib.dll compiles!

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Mono's corlib.dll compiles!
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 17:58:48 +1000
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I've fixed the last remaining bugs in the CVS version of pnet that caused the 
corlib.dll build to fail.  To build, do the following on a Mono source tree:

    cd mcs/class/corlib
    csant -cm

This should build "../lib/corlib.dll", and then blow up on "corlib_cmp.dll", 
which is a comparison assembly that isn't important to pnet at the moment.  
Question for Paolo, et al: is this used for anything any more?  Can it and 
"corlib_res.dll" be safely omitted from the build?  Just asking ...

I have no idea if the "corlib.dll" that is built will actually work with 
mint/mono - I haven't tested that yet.  Feel free to log bugs.

I have a few other things to fix in csant and cscc to allow the other Mono 
assemblies to build, but I'm getting there gradually.  Chief amongst these is 
the annoyances that arise out of Mono's choice of "corlib" for the core 
library instead of "mscorlib".

Note: corlib.dll won't work with ilrun.  The internalcall interfaces of the 
two engines are completely different.

Why is this interesting?  Two reasons - cscc is becoming more mature by the 
day, able to build more and more C# examples, and eventually it will make it 
easier for people who wish to reuse the higher-level Mono libraries with 



P.S. Oh, and it is a little bit faster than mcs.  Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

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