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[DotGNU]Using DotGnu

From: Andrew
Subject: [DotGNU]Using DotGnu
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:01:07 -0700

Ok, I'm an idiot, or maybe just lazy for asking this question.
How does one use DotGnu?  The only thing I know about any
"dot" services is information about the IL Assembler from Micro$oft.Net.
I didn't see any "instructions" for DotGnu so what do I need to read
in order to be proficient. 
I understand about the user profile stuff, like passport.
I understand that I could write my favorite program in Ada95 and us some special
"assembler" to make the code work on the SEE.
The question is "HOW" do I use this technology?
Is there a list of method calls or classes that I import?
Do I make my classes conform to a certain standard?
Am I supposed to write the special assembler and then assemble that Ada95
Anyway, I'm lost.

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