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[DotGNU]Houston We have a Wiki

From: Adam Ballai
Subject: [DotGNU]Houston We have a Wiki
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 07:11:45 -0700

After about a month of talk, and 10 hours in 3 weeks of debugging, we
have a wiki =)

Check it out at: or

I started a skeleton, even added a place called DotGNUPeople so we can
all have a personal cubby to store our cool little projects that aren't
one of our main strategies. 

So hop on in and contribute to the areas you know about =)

If anyone has an issue about the design in place right now for the wiki,
bring it up!  Let's work this out the first time so we don't have to
change over everything later.

Adam Ballai (minddog)

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