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[DotGNU]Gtk# helloworld

From: j_post
Subject: [DotGNU]Gtk# helloworld
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 14:36:34 -0800

I should have CC'd this to the list but forgot to. So if anyone else runs 
into this problem, here's one solution (of course, someone should submit a 
bug report to address@hidden):

On Saturday 08 March 2003 06:28 am, Mike wrote:
>?I've just compiled and installed pnet(0.5.2) seemingly without problems,
>?at least the tests run. I'd like to get Gtk# up and running. I followed
>?the instructions given by Rhys Weatherley, here:
>?Helloworld.cs compiles without errors but upon running I get:
>? cannot open shared
>?object file: No such file or directory
>?Gtk-sharp-0.8 ?<<<---- That's the problem!

I ran into the same issue with version 0.8 and finally gave up on it. Use 
Gtk-sharp-0.7 and you won't have that problem ;-)


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