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Call for testing ILStubConstruct alpha (Re: [DotGNU]RFC : [Proposals]ILA

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: Call for testing ILStubConstruct alpha (Re: [DotGNU]RFC : [Proposals]ILAutoStubber Proposal)
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 06:48:17 -0800 (PST)

--- Gopal V <address@hidden> wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Gopal V wrote:
> > The need for this program is to produce a better pnetlib-status
> output 
> > rather than for stubbing. Pnetlib-status needs a new
> non-Ecma-all.xml to
> > give a true picture of what's missing.

OK, gopal this program is for stubbing. You can run your code now on
the c#, after the c# stubs are created. 


I would like to call for tester of 
ILStubberConstruct, please download and test it on your favorite

Just run on a dll
and then run on the resulting IL.

You can install it like a normal perl module from source :

perl, make install
or just get the debs

The module installs into your path :          the perl module (writes to stdout)                  runs a disasm that turns a dll into il          RUns and stores the output in .il.cs      converts all the il in the directory

There is one bug, I do turn put all the using on, 
so you need to uncomment the using namespace at the top of the file.
There are some problems, like the java, were java.object and
system.object conflict.

Also, I do my best to mangle the mercury names, they wont link,
and i doubt you can write c# to produce Il like that.

The unsigned and * are not handled yet. 

I have tested it on these modules,
and have uploaded the dlls, il and c#
1. IKJVM   2.8 mb

2. SharpDevelop 2mb
I removed the Microsoft.mshtml.dll because i did not want to distribute

3. Mercury  1.1mb

4. GTK# 800k

James Michael DuPont

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