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[DotGNU]The GNU.RDF meta-project

From: Peter Minten
Subject: [DotGNU]The GNU.RDF meta-project
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 19:02:37 +0100

Hi folks,

where is the line between a project and a meta-project? I think a project
becomes a meta-project when it has at least 2 parts that aren't really related.
Following that definition GNU.RDF is a meta-project (and let's not forget it's
about meta-data, so meta-project is kinda logical ;-). 

Now imagine, if I get some other projects than Forum to use GNU.RDF it will
become a meta-project inside the DotGNU meta-project inside the GNU meta-project

The goal of the GNU.RDF meta-project will be to create a free semantic web
infrastructure and to connect GNU to it. The existing RDF initiatives are very
scattered and it's hard finding them. The GNU.RDF meta-project will be a central
place for all GNU RDF software and documents. An advantage of the central
meta-project approach is that it's easy to make all components work together
using certain standards. I hope that the meta-project will get enough mass to
actually create some standards where the W3C doesn't or does it too slowly.

Currently I have plans for x projects inside GNU.RDF:
* RDF API, this is simply DotGNU.RDF .
* Semantic Web Server, the store + the RDF API + an API for agents to
communicate with the outside world (probably in some way webservice based).
* Standard Agent Collection, a collection of basic agents for the most common
* Visual RDF Editor, a tool to visualise RDF and edit it.
* Patching, creating patches for existing Free Software programs to make them
RDF compat (think of the directory and savannah).
* Vocabulary Invention, creating RDF vocabularies for the GNU project and for
general use (education vocabulary).



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