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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.4 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.4 released
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 20:23:42 +1000
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New versions of pnet, pnetlib, pnetC, and treecc have been released:

Web Page:

Lots of things happening this time around.  See the NEWS files for
the full info.  The signed MD5 sums are attached to this message.
My key can be found at "";.

The high points are the beginnings of support for Generic IL and
Reflection.Emit, with lots of little bug fixes here and there.



0.5.4 (29 March 2003)

Runtime engine:

* Support for custom marshalling.
* DirMethods.CreateDirectory internalcall (Aditya P. Bansod).
* Bug in decimal division (Jonathan Springer).
* Fix the unpacking of enumerated values in internalcalls.
* Re-design method profiling (CH Gowri Kumar).
* Inline StringBuilder.Append(char) and Char.IsWhiteSpace(char)
  because they are heavily used in text processing code.
* Modify inline method detection logic to use a table.
* Box and unbox "float" and "double" correctly.
* Handle typed references for "dup" and "pop".
* Stub out internalcalls for "System.Reflection.Emit".

C# Compiler:

* Pipe the output of "cscc-cs" and "cscc-c-s" directly into the
  assembler, to reduce the need for temporary files.
* Add the "-fminimize-parameters" option to the compiler, which
  removes ParamDef blocks that are set to trivial values and hence
  reduces the runtime memory requirements.
* Re-order static constructors so that explicit definitions are
  placed last (Gopal V).
* Performance improvements to the lexer.
* Marshalling information for delegate parameters.
* Parser support for Generic C# (no semantic analysis yet).
* Generate BeginInvoke and EndInvoke declarations on delegates.
* Detect nested namespaces that aren't defined by "using" clauses.
* Enforce abstract class and method restrictions.
* Don't allow aliases to refer to other aliases.
* Fix operator resolution involving implicit int -> uint coercions.
* Pointer coercions, casts, arithmetic, and array operations.
* Resolve ambiguities between types and properties with the same name.
* Fix ambiguity problems related to finding the same method along
  multiple interface inheritance paths.
* Support interface implementations from parent classes.
* Quietly skip documentation comments in attribute lists.
* Improved error reporting for field declarations (Gopal V).
* Read-only variables can be assigned in psuedo-constructors (Gopal V).

C Compiler:

* ECMA-compatibility fixes to the struct output routines.
* Better name generation for anonymous structs and unions.
* Allow struct's with no fields.

Assembler, Disassembler & Linker:

* Support for Generic IL extensions.
* Handle object files generated by Visual C++ a little better.
* Custom attribute owner syntax.
* Compatibility fixes in the IL assembly support code.
* Dump odd identifier characters in octal, not hex.
* Use left-recursion to parse ".data" declarations (Gopal V).
* Column numbers in ".line" directives.


* Dump attribute and event information from "csdoc".

Loader and Metadata:

* Smooth out the overhead of back-patching to improve performance
  of NFS-mounted C# compiles.
* Load minor tables such as Constant, FieldRVA, etc on-demand.
* Performance and data structure improvements.
* Support for Generic IL extensions.
* Improvements to error messages for unresolved externals.
* Report all metadata token errors; not just the first one.
* Support for export type definitions.
* Shift the name information out of ILClass to support on-demand loading.
* Recognize ".data" as a static data section in addition to ".sdata".
* Loading images from memory buffers instead of files.

Platform Support:

* Updates to libffi for ppc.
* Primitives for monitor operations.
* Remove script dependency on /tmp because it creates Win32 problems.
* Other Darwin-related fixes (Jonathan Springer).
* Directory routines for Win32 (Tobias Oberstein).


* Handle ".." references in file sets properly.
* Base directory fixes for some tags.
* Mono-compatibility fixes.
* Dynamic library support for Win32 (Aditya P. Bansod).
* Mixed-endian "double" support for ARM processors.


* Begin implementation of a "mscoree" emulation.
* More detailed reporting in "ilsize".
* Debian compatibility fixes (Stephen Compall).

0.5.4 (29 March 2003)

* Stub out System.Diagnostics.SymbolStore (Gopal V).
* Use "" for the invariant culture name instead of "iv" in some areas.
* Null string fix for Console.WriteLine (Marcus Urban).
* Null name handling in NameValueCollection (Marcus Urban).
* DayOfWeek fixes (Yannis BRES).
* Various ECMA-compatibility mode fixes.
* Fixes to "Directory" and "Process" (Yannis BRES).
* Re-sync regular expression code with Mono (Gopal V).
* Type.FindMembers (Gopal V).
* Make the inheritance of SocketException variable for ECMA (Gopal V).
* Stub out some threading classes (Gopal V).
* Continue System.Xml implementation (Adam Ballai).
* Directory.CreateDirectory (Aditya P. Bansod).
* Extra methods for supporting generic types.
* Collection bug fixes.
* Parsing comma-separated enumerated values.
* "==" and "!=" operators for "Version" (Yannis BRES).
* Begin implementing a generic collections class library.
* Endian issues in IPAddress test cases (Jonathan Springer).
* Performance improvements to StringBuilder, XmlTextReader, I18N.
* Implement most of System.Reflection.Emit (Gopal V, Rhys Weatherley).
* Fix to NodeList iterator that was skipping the first child.
* Byte order mark detection in UnicodeEncoding.
* Add UCS-4 handler to System.Xml.
* Continue implementing JScript.
* DateTime parsing and formatting code (Michael Moore).
* Number parsing and formatting code (Jonathan Springer).
* Fill out the AppDomain class (Gopal V, Rhys Weatherley).

0.5.4 (29 March 2003)

* Implement some of the ANSI C time routines.

0.2.4 (29 March 2003)

* Fixes to for RPM generation (Stephen Compall).
* Add support for namespaces in C++ (Jeyasankar Kottalam).
* Change "new.h" to "new" to comply with C++ standards
  (Jeyasankar Kottalam).
* Fix the return type of YYNODESTATE::dealloc (Jeyasankar Kottalam).

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