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[DotGNU]DGEE 0.1.4 Released

From: Chris Smith
Subject: [DotGNU]DGEE 0.1.4 Released
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 10:57:58 +0100
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After a bit of a delay getting this out DGEE 0.1.4 has hit the streets.
The delay allowed the inclusion of advanced client side XMLRPC, far better
than we had originally targeted for the release.

Key features are:
- Full XmlRpc support
- Multiple VM Support
- Multiple webservice language support
- Auto-generation of Client XML-RPC code from assembly
- Installation helper dgeediagnose to sort out those ipc resource issues.....
- Better memory management

[Goldwater contains a number of bugfixes that the DGEE hilighted, phlib also 
has some bug fixes but they are minor]

The all important sums:

bc2da69cfb22899978edbcc84bc76c4b  dgee-0.1.4-0.0.1.i386.rpm
c1103b0111636cbeb82cffdb9c161280  dgee-0.1.4-0.0.1.src.rpm
a30fee762386755acf4fb1e9872dbcbd  goldwater-0.3.4-0.0.1.i386.rpm
0b7380ee28141fd2ecc2c6c318986a69  goldwater-0.3.4-0.0.1.src.rpm
10a5e94346d7f31a1b71cba2c8c11617  phlib-1.18-0.1.i386.rpm
35a09ea16e9c3ad31bf909d761051cb7  phlib-1.18-0.1.src.rpm

b98df5ff6e319b80e9be676fbfeabe3c  dgee-0.1.4.tgz
e67198137b956e216255df4908ecc4e3  goldwater-0.3.4.tgz
c7ba6fd365fcd60fc4431a907126674e  phlib-1.18.tgz

-- We thank Minddog for his efforts and inspiration in getting the Client side 
of this release done ! :o)

Chris Smith
  Technical Architect - netFluid Technology Ltd.
  "Internet Technologies, Distributed Systems and Tuxedo Consultancy"
  E: address@hidden  W:

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