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[DotGNU]i want to finish the threading (ya, i know)

From: Ian Fung
Subject: [DotGNU]i want to finish the threading (ya, i know)
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 03:17:54 -0400

Rhys and Dotgnuers,

I have decided that I want to try to finish the threading in DotGNU. I had heard that it is 85% done and only the internal calls are left. just to give you an idea of my abilities, i know nothing about cscc or ilrun =\, but i have used pthreads before and am quite familiar with OS concepts such as threading. currently i am doing some work on the linux kernel, namely writing a tunneling device driver for a ipv6 thing, so i am familiar with the linux kernel, or atleast know how to look it up. from what i was told, i feel that i can finish this in 2-3 weeks. so rhys, please give me all the information i need to get started, such as what needs to be done, how i should go about doing it, and how to test it.

thanks a lot,


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