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[DotGNU]A question on System.Windows.Forms

From: Vadim Tarasov
Subject: [DotGNU]A question on System.Windows.Forms
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:14:14 +0200
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I've downloaded pnet-0.58 and have some trouble with System.Windows.Forms.
In samples there is a CustomControls.cs
When I add a quit button to it and in its handler put Application.Exit() - 
nothing happens.
When i tried to trace where the problem comes from i found this:

In: private static void RunMessageLoop(ApplicationContext context)
mainThread = Thread.CurrentThread; // should be line 346 of Application.cs
 the mainThread remains null, and upon calling Exit on the application the 
signal gets ignored in 
                          if(mainThread != null) <---------------- //here it 
gets ignored since the mainThread is null.

As far as I've read some of the postings the threading wasn't working in pnet.
Is that the problem?
When will the threading be completed?


P.S.I apologize in advance if that was something that has already been 
discussed before.

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