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[DotGNU]ChecBox & DrawCheckBox

From: Bernardi Mario Luca
Subject: [DotGNU]ChecBox & DrawCheckBox
Date: 19 Jun 2003 13:11:24 +0200

I've almost completed checkbox but i've some questions:

1) I've noticed that DrawCheckBox on .NET paint a checkbox in various
styles depending on his ButtonState argument. But ButtonState can't
handle all the paint states CheckBox needs. When FlatStyle is Flat or
Popup the checkbox on .NET changes background color or border type and
color in response to OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave. 
This means that if i put drawing code in DrawCheckBox it can't know if
the checkbox FlatStyle is Flat , Popup , Standard or System and can't
change it's paint style depending on entered and pressed flags. That's
means i must repaint further details after DrawCheckBox call according
to .NET behaviour ? 

2) I've noticed that when i push down the mouse on a button , in
pnet/winforms it raise OnMouseLeave , OnMouseEnter and then OnMouseDown
events. Simon has tried that on .NET/Winforms and sayed that this isn't
actually appening on it. There is something isn't working properly ?   

Ah here is a screenshot :)

Best regards, 
Bernardi Mario Luca <address@hidden>

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