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[DotGNU] on IPaq ... and winforms there

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU] on IPaq ... and winforms there
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 05:13:59 +0530
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        Minddog managed to compile using a public net cluster
of IPaqs hosted by the and I'm glad to say that it does
work to some extent .. A couple of csunit tests are failing , but in
general it's all good :-)

Trying to run XWinforms on it, I ran into a few problems .. I managed to 
open a normal window with WinForms via X11 export , but the regular 
FormsHello.exe failed in the IPaq system .. The errant part seems to be
the DrawProgressBar() . I'm almost sure it is a runtime bug because all
the *.dlls were compiled on x86 except the Xsharp/ dir which was compiled
on the IPaq itself.

The system does not have Imlib, so the image loading stuff currently doesn't
work :-( ...

I do think the error is some minor issue with the arm engine ... I 
suspect something fishy in the floating point stuff...

For those wanting to grab the ARM binaries they are situated on
and the pnetlib there as well ... It is a CVS checkout, so that
we can fix it more easily via CVS . A normal SSH should export X11 
as well and ". address@hidden/" should set your paths
right to run ilrun as well.

Exception trace is attached..

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