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From: DrDiettrich
Subject: [DotGNU]Hello
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 05:13:37 +0200

I've been experimenting a bit with MS .NET some time ago, and now came
across the dotGNU project. I'm willing to assist in the development of a
free version of .NET, and need some hints on what I can do.

I'm an almost typical Windows user, tried Linux and other Unixes several
times, but I didn't become acquanintanced with command lines and
scripts. I think that Unix and me don't like each other, even Cygwin
behaves strange on my machines :-(

During the beta phase of .NET I wrote my own IL disassembler, as a
generic Windows program which doesn't require any assistance by .NET.
Perhaps my according experience with the .NET internals may be
interesting in some projects? I designed this disassembler as a
front-end for my general decompiler, which is one of my current lifetime

My favorite programming environment is Delphi, but during the past 30
years I've used many other languages. I hate C, but I can live with C++
or C# as long as the code is OO and not high-level assembler spaghetti

As to the legal aspects, I can assure that I've read nothing but the
official documentation around .NET.

Perhaps it's due to my age that I'm a bit confused about the projects
and already available programs around dotGNU. My English also is far
from perfect, but I'm working hard on all those deficiencies <gd&r>.
Perhaps somebody can take my hand and direct me to a place where I can
do something for dotGNU. Will I need Linux and make and gcc, or can I do
something even without these?

(Dr. Hans-Peter Diettrich, Flensburg, Germany)

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