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Re: Fwd: RE: [DotGNU] NSIS Win32 installer - PNET (ex-RE: [DotGNU]Fwd: R

From: Robert Johnson
Subject: Re: Fwd: RE: [DotGNU] NSIS Win32 installer - PNET (ex-RE: [DotGNU]Fwd: Re: PNET)
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 07:12:40 -0700 (PDT)

Norbert said:
> I've come to the conclusion that your scp client is
> telling the
> server what permissions to create the file with...
> if you're doing
> the copying from a GNU/Linux or other unix machine,
> it will tell
> the server to create the file with the same
> permissions as it has
> on your machine.  The important thing is to give the
> file "read"
> permission for "other", then the webserver can read
> it... so if
> in the future you chmod 0644 all files before you
> scp them to the
> server I think it should all work fine.

Thanks for the information I will make sure to chmod
0644 the files before scp.

Bob J

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