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[DotGNU]Dotgnu written in C#?

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: [DotGNU]Dotgnu written in C#?
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 23:51:33 -0700 (PDT)

Dear all,

After all the hate mail and misunderstanding for dotgnu I have gotten
on the arch list. I think I found the source of it :

After rhys announced his C implementation of a small CLI implementation

our friend tom lord wrote this :
There have been announcements in the news recently about the
possibility of building an Open Source clone of C# and .NET.  That's
one branch of the fork, and one that is practically guaranteed to find
commercial support.  I'm not terribly familiar with C#, but what
little I've read looked like a respectable design.  So if part of the
Open Source community commits to that branch of the fork, I'd bet
they'll meet with some form of success.

But I've always thought that Free Software was about more than just
cloning Microsoft software.  I like to believe that Free Software is
also about creatively exploring new ideas and having the kind of fun
that comes from trying to build something "better".  So I'm interested
in a different branch of the run-time system design space.

In particular, I've been working towards a run-time system in C, not
C#, supporting multiple high level languages, and providing a a
precise garbage collector (along with lots of other nice features).
My intention is to build a portable implementation, not tied to any
particular compiler.  I have a foundation for my proposed run-time
system: it's called the Hackerlab C library, and its available at  There's a long way to go, but I think the foundation
has several good ideas, implemented and tested well.

In addition to the code that's there, I have some pretty clear ideas
about what else needs to be built: how to add thread support, how to
build up the Unicode support, what kinds of data structures, and how
to finish the I/O subsystem.  I have less clear ideas, and think a
little bit of experimentation is in order, about what kind of C
interface to provide to the garbage collector, and how to support
binary object externalization (for persistence and migration of

So if you're interested in high level language implementations, such
as GJC, please have a look at my web site.  There are some initial
suggestions for how to participate which you can find in the Hackerlab
C Library reference manual, though if the project really takes off,
we'll clearly need to make participation more open and more formal.

I also need some money to work on this project -- badly.  My web site
implements a form of the "street performer protocol", and that is one
way to help fund further development.  I'm also happy to discuss
employment and consulting opportunities that might be out there.


"In particular, I've been working towards a run-time system in C, not
C#" ?

Do i need to say anything else? This explains some of the FUD I have
gotten from arch.


James Michael DuPont

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