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[DotGNU]What's this error?

From: DrDiettrich
Subject: [DotGNU]What's this error?
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 04:30:18 +0200

During my first steps with pnet on Windows I get this error:

$ ilrun test
App::Test [2096] - call at verify_call.c:1088
token 0x0A00002C: member `System.Collections.DictionaryEntry..ctor' not
token 0x0A000038: member `System.Threading.Monitor.Enter' not found
token 0x0A000039: member `System.Threading.Monitor.Exit' not found
token 0x0A00003E: member `System.Collections.Hashtable.get_Item' not
token 0x0A000040: member `System.Collections.Hashtable.set_Item' not
token 0x0A000043: member `System.Type.InvokeMember' not found
token 0x0A000044: member `System.Collections.Hashtable.Add' not found
token 0x0A000049: member
`System.Collections.IDictionaryEnumerator.get_Key' not
Hashtable::.cctor [30508] - call at verify_call.c:1088
Uncaught exception: System.Security.VerificationException

How to interpret these lines?

The reason for this error is not clear. It occurs with quite simple
code, but I cannot trace it down to a single condition. Multiple but not
all of the following conditions can cause this error to appear:
- call to a (static) procedure
- adding strings ("test" + msg)
- Console.WriteLine

References to the mentioned classes are not required, so it might be an
error in Hashtable, which is called from inside the runtime system?


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