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[DotGNU]X11 support on Mac OS/X

From: Oscar Papel
Subject: [DotGNU]X11 support on Mac OS/X
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 01:58:58 +0000


I downloaded and compiled the latest versions of treecc/pnet/pnetlib and built them into my /usr/local directory. I tried running the sample programs and the command-line Hello program runs fine. I then tried running XHello.exe and got the following error message:

libXsharpSupport.dylib: could not load dynamic library (NSObjectFileImageAccess) Uncaught exception: Xsharp.XCannotConnectException: X/Windows library is not present, or could not be
located on the library search path.
at Xsharp.Display.OpenInternal(String, Application) in ./Display.cs:194
       at Xsharp.Display.Open(String, Application) in ./Display.cs:204
at Xsharp.Application..ctor(String, String[]) in ./Application.cs:252
       at XHello.Main(String[]) in ./XHello.cs:29

I'm running Mac OS/X 10.2.6 with the Dec 2002 devel tools
I am using the X11 supplied by Apple (public beta 3) as well as the corresponding X11 SDK

I can run other X11 apps fine from the command line (xeyes, xclock etc).

I don't have any dynamic library called NSObjectFileImageAccess on my computer.
Is there something that i'm missing?

Thanks for any help,


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